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alohamora_icons's Journal

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-If you like my icons or tuts PLEASE FRIEND! I love having friends!:D
-If you want a tut for any of my icons or banners just request one here! I use Gimp!
-If you have any icon requests ASK!
-I love to make headers and banners! If you ever want one personalized please comment and ask! I love to personalize them!
-My resources can be found here.
-My awards can be found here!
-I also mod the hp icontests community lumos_icontests. If you make hp icons please join!
About Me

I am a sophmore in high school and I am in show choir, dance, and cheerleading!! I live in Iowa! I am obsessed with the musical Wicked!! It is amazing!!!! I also like Harry Potter (obviously)and Pirates of the Caribbean! My favorite band is The Fray (I saw them in concert)!!!!!!! I am just a normal girl whoread Harry Potter and had her life change!


The rules are very simple so please follow them!

-If you take something comment and let me know. It makes me feel good about myself! LOL
-Credit is required!
-Don't hotlink!
-Don't claim one of my icons as your own.
-If you follow a tut use a different base than me! A tut is suppose to teach you skills for your OWN icons. Not so you can re-create mine.
-Textless icons are NOT bases.



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